Role: Content Creator & Founder
Client: Personal Project
Teach the designers around me, at scale, how to think about and problem solve with motion in mind.
Motion UX (MUX) Youtube tutorial channel breaking down Motion UX workflows for designers in real world production environments.
Within the first 2 months, 2,600+ designers impacted, 170+ hours of content streamed, and less 1:1 meetings for me.

MUX Intro

Passion for motion and teaching
Joining Capital One my passion and goal was to bring their experiences to life through motion. I searched for any and every opportunity to jump into that would expose me to a real world production workflow for motion. I quickly discovered motion was a very unexplored area within the design and tech teams at capital one and became the trailblazer to explore and push the experiences, partners, designers, and developers into uncomfortable areas to learn and grow.
As time went on I became known as the designer to pull in for any motion needs and began consulting with teams across the design organization. At the same time other designers requested one on one mentorships with me to teach them the ins-and-outs of UX motion design. Mentorships grew quickly and was mentoring several designers on a recurring basis.
Teaching has always been a love of mine and mentoring others was an awesome opportunity to dig in. As mentorships grew so did the interest from more and more designers. I realized the way I was teaching and mentoring needed to scale to account for the 20+ designers that wanted to learn from me. From that need MUX was born.
Teaching made accessible at scale
I've seen many different attempts at wide scale teaching within capital one, from in person workshops, to reoccurring "office hours" but there were always heavy inefficiencies associated with those methods. Scheduling, prep time, redoing the same teachings over and over, not reaching the people who are actually interested and at the time they learn best. These gaps focused me on video based teaching. Asynchronous Online learning Is one of the most amazing and efficient ways to learn and teach. It allows me as the teacher to teach a bite sized concept the best I possibly can and deliver it to Capital One and the rest of the world in a way they can self select into learning on their own time, and in their own way.

Stills from tutorials

Tutorial thumbnails clearly show what tools are being used

Tutorials showed immediate value
Quickly putting together simple branding and a straightforward mission of teaching designers motion UX workflows in real world production environments. I began to publish content. Starting by answering common questions I've gotten from mentees, and other partners at Capital One. Almost immediately I experienced the positive impact. A tech team had reached out and wanted me to teach them about Lottie, what it was and how to use it, for an upcoming project they would be diving into. I was able to share a bit of context and send a tutorial I had created about that specific topic. The multiplicative time saving effect of avoiding meetings by sharing tutorials instead was beneficial for everyone involved.
After two months and more than 10 videos I've impacted more designers than I would have ever hoped to, I've been featured by School Of Motion and have been asked to partner with other youtube tutorial groups.

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